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  • Cleckheaton Methodist Church

Worship led by Chuen Yoong and members of church 23-Apr-23

Welcome/ Gathering prayer/ A call to worship.

StF 363 My Jesus my Saviour chosen by Chuen

A prayer of Thanks giving, confession and assurance of forgiveness

A prayer for the children as they leave for their activities

Bible reading from Philippians Ch 4 v 6 to 7 - Chuen

follow by a Talk on the theme 'Close to God' and 'Journey of Faith'

StF 20 Be Still chosen by Eddie and Sonia with reason why after

Testimony of Faith - Eddie

Noleen to share an inspiring spiritual experience

Talk/testimony - Alec

StF 610 Best of all is God is with us -chosen by Alec

Bible reading from Jeremiah Ch 29 v 11 to 13 - Eddie with reason why

Christian Acronyms that will inspire and help us

Prayer of Intercession follow by the Lord's Prayer

Offertory follow by a prayer

Closing hymn StF 548 Blessed Assurance chosen by Chuen

Dismissal / closing prayer

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