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  • Cleckheaton Methodist Church

Good Friday Reflective Service led by Rev Marian Olsen 15-Apr-22

Welcome/Invitation to reflection.

My Song is Love Unknown

Opening reflection and prayer of approach

Come & See

We follow the route to the cross and as we do so we will acknowledge what Jesus went through and how, as he did so, he took on the suffering of the world:

Luke 22:47-62

Prayer for those who feel abandoned, betrayed, rejected by those who should have cared

Luke 22:63 – 23:2

Prayer for those who are beaten up, abused, mocked, misunderstood.

Luke 23:3-12

Prayer for those pushed around by others, used as entertainment.

Luke 23:13-25

Prayer for those caught up with mob hysteria against them

Luke 23:26-43

Prayer for those unjustly punished.

God so loved the world.

Luke 23:44-49

Prayer for those who stand by and see their loved ones suffer and for those who grieve.

To see the king of heaven.

Concluding reflection

When I survey

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