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  • Cleckheaton Methodist Church

Easter Sunday Worship led by Rev Marian Olsen 17-Apr-22

All hail the Lamb

I cast my mind to Calvary

We have a strong and certain hope (I know he lives)

Glorious day

Alleluia! Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!


StF 298 Christ the Lord is risen today Intro

Luke 24:1-12


StF 305 Low in the grave he lay

The Rock

A few words of reflection

EASTER DAY lenten liturgy

StF 295 Alleluia, alleluia

Short prayer and Lord's prayer

Luke 24:1-12

Short talk/reflection

StF 309 See what a morning


StF 313 Thine be the glory


Glory to God Jesus is risen. Alleluia!

Glory to God What more can we say?!

Glory to God Your life is our story

Glory to God Your love is our way

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