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Easter Music!

Prayer - Dave Hopwood

A prayer for the new version of now.


We come to you today with our frustrations, doubts, aspirations and hopes. Our heads perhaps full of what we wish we could do, but can’t. Some of us adjusting better than others to this new normal. Some of us finding we need help, some of us finding we are able to give it. Some of us learning new skills, some of us feeling lost, or lonely. Many of us feeling vulnerable, aware of our frailty, and our vulnerable state. Some of us seeing things remarkably clearly. Some us feeling as if we are living in a fog. Some of us full of questions. Some of us wanting to tell the world answers. All of us human, all of us precious. All in the same boat really, though we may be jostling for a little more space in it. Help us to have patience, courage, kindness and hope today. Help us to think of others. Help us to know something more of what it means to be different because of this altered state.

You entered a new normal, a smaller reality, for us. You felt the walls closing in, knew your horizons diminished, for us. You allowed this world and its authorities to shut you down, so that lives could be changed, saved, helped, renewed. Help us today Lord. Please. You understand. You know. You care. You’re with us.


Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

General Uplifting

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