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  • Cleckheaton Methodist Church

AWE Service 21st November 2021

AWE Service 21st November 2021 at Cleckheaton Methodist Church at 6.00pm

“Alpha and Omega”

Worship introduction: It’s the end of the world as we know it - REM

Worship songs: Open the eyes of my heart Lord

O how good it is

Welcome and Introduction: John

Prayer by Sam Hargreaves: Ian

Worship song: There is a higher throne

Reading: 1 John: 1-4 Lynda

Drama introduction: John

Drama: “Revelation” Tom/Stephen

Reading: Revelation 1: 1-8 Judith Santry

Worship song: Jesus has shown us

Mobius strip illustration: Karen

Talk: Andrew

Reflection: Examen prayer Karen

Worship songs: Holy Overshadowing

Water you turned into wine

Lord reign in me (over all the earth)

Blessing: Rev Marian

Worship song: This this is the God we adore

CCLI 522551

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