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  • Jem Tovey

A Letter to My Future Self

In Biblical terms three score and ten, is our allotted span.

Six decades gone already, so I have just one more to plan.

I often write to do lists, but this time perhaps I won’t.

Risking negativity, I think I’ll write a list of don’ts.

Don’t do things for your legacy, do them because they’re right.

Don’t think that you won’t change the world, because heaven knows you might.

Don’t mourn the things you didn’t do, because you can’t change the past.

Don’t regret the things you actually did when life came at you fast.

Don’t waste a precious second of your remaining years.

Don’t forget to lend a shoulder, when you see someone in tears.

Don’t stop gasping at the beauty of a Turneresque sunset.

Don’t forget that every stranger, could be a friend you’ve not yet met.

Don’t believe it’s only you who isn’t capable and strong.

Don’t forget that everybody makes it up as they go along.

Don’t forget that light will banish dark, love will conquer hate.

Don’t worry when your God will meet you, he’s quite content to wait.

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