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  • Jem Tovey

A Game of Two Halves

You don’t need to drink from puddles to thirst for fresh, clean water,

You don’t have to suffer homelessness to value bricks and mortar.

You must experience bondage to free yourself from slavery,

You must learn to hate addiction to truly love sobriety.

When you’ve experienced mortal danger, it’s good to know you’re safe.

When you’ve known spiritual emptiness, you will truly cherish faith.

When you say hello to Dr Jekyll, you’ll say goodbye to Mr Hyde.

When you walk away from toxic people, you’ll find your goodness still inside.

You must educate your mind, discover ignorance isn’t bliss.

You must choose your friendships carefully and bigotry, dismiss.

You need to value your precious self and with this thought concur;

You are truly better on your own than wishing that you were.

You have to toss a coin to know that there’s a head and tail,

You have to know that to succeed, you must be prepared to fail.

You have to walk through darkness to appreciate the light.

You will make countless errors before you get this life thing right.

You don’t have to go to church on Sunday to live life in God’s grace.

You don’t have to see the mountain top, just take that first, small pace.

You only need to greet the world, with a smile upon your face.

And celebrate that you’re alive, at this time and in this place.

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