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Lent Week 6

Today is Palm Sunday and so we place Jesus on a winding path of palm crosses that lead to the cross of crucifixion. The link between the path and the cross reminds us that the people who welcomed Jesus, spread their coats on the road and shouted their praises to God, were the same people who, a few days later, shouted crucify him. This challenges us to think about whether our commitment is strong enough to follow him, even to the cross.

From spin-doctors

Who trade in short memories:

From instant opinions

Which disappear with yesterday’s news;

From religious people

Who know what is best for everybody else;

From following the crowd

Rather than finding faith in ourselves;

From the enthusiasm which waves a palm branch

While drawing back from the way of the cross:

Good Lord, deliver us. Amen.

(from WYSEbook 14. “Ready Steady … Prayers of Preparation”)

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