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Lent Week 2

It had all been going so well for the disciples. Jesus was a success. He had healed people and had gained a following. O K there had been some opposition in Nazareth, but that had come to nothing. Now was a high point. Peter had just recognised Jesus was the Messiah. So why did Jesus start to talk to them about his suffering and death? We have placed Jesus beside the pulpit fall. There are several paths leading from the bottom. They all end up in the same place – the top. Why did Jesus have to choose the path that led to the cross? What did he mean when he told his followers to “take up your cross and follow me”? How do we take up our cross and follow him?

Lord, we acknowledge you with our brain.

We know and say that you are the Messiah, the Saviour sent by God.

His only Son.

But often it goes no further than words.

When problems arise.

When push comes to shove, we have doubts in our hearts.

We say we will follow you, but when you make clear to us what that involves, that it is not an easy path we are called to follow, we wonder whether we heard you right.

Did you have to follow the road to the cross?

Do we really have to take up our cross to follow you?

Lord, calm our doubts.

Show us your path for us and, as you did for the disciples, guide us along it, so we may be true and faithful followers of you. Amen

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