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  • Jem Tovey


Hope springs eternal, so says the old cliché,

And it’s even more important in these days of Trump and May.

It’s becoming all too easy to heed the voices of division,

And those who stand for unity just receive derision.

We don’t have to love our neighbour, but why not just say hello?

Those strangers living next door are just friends we don’t yet know.

From Martin Luther King to our very own Jo Cox,

Let’s stand up for Civil Rights, let’s turn back the clocks.

Reject the Twitter-chatter of PC, libtards and snowflakes,

When they go low, go high and see what difference that makes.

It’s not a viable strategy to fight fire with fire,

Or bigotry with hatred, we should all be aiming higher.

The past year has been challenging and politics got vicious,

A return to civil dialogue could prove to be auspicious.

Try exchanging friendly banter as you go about your business,

One man’s “Eid Mubarak” is another’s “Happy Christmas”.

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