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  • Alan Littlewood

Acts 435 ‘ to anyone who has need.’

Update! Many thanks to those who donated to our request last week for the man in Cleckheaton who was without money for food and essential bills. The money was raised very quickly and averted the likelihood that he would have been without power and heat within a day or two. He was so grateful, and overwhelmed to know that people cared about his situation.

We have a new request towards food and bills for a couple in Liversedge. We have already advanced them some of the money as they were without power or heat, but we still need to raise the money to cover this. Full details can be found on the website at If you do not have internet access but would like to make a donation, hand your gift to one of our Acts 435 representatives (Alan, Elaine, Jem, Nolene & Wendy) and they will submit it for you.

We are expecting a request in the next few days from someone who has been homeless and has, this last week, been found a flat in Batley. She has literally nothing in it at the moment so will be in need of basic furniture and household items. If you have anything at all which might be useful and that you would be willing to donate, please would you let Wendy Watson know and she will keep a list of things that we might then be able to provide for this and any other similar requests that we may receive. This will enable us to provide additional support where needed.

We will be adding two more requests during the coming week to cover the cost of Debt Relief Orders for families in Dewsbury. These should be on the Acts 435 website by Tuesday or Wednesday where full details will be available. We will publicise a direct link to these on our church website and on our Facebook page when they have been posted, or you will be able to find them listed under the Yorkshire and Humber region on the Acts 435 website.

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