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  • Cathryn Elsey

Blackberries - sweet and juicy...

The predominate colour this week was yellow. The first flower I saw was the smallest clump of Pineapple weed.

Yellow Toadflax

Most of the colour was from Yellow Toadflax.

Rosebay Willowherb
climbing Greater Convolvulus

There are still a few tall spires of Rosebay Willowherb and smaller Herb Robert. I think they are of the same family. The climbing Greater Convolvulus has almost come to the end of this years' glory, but the creeping Lesser Convolvulus is a little later in season. I did see a clump of Purple loosestrife,

hiding in a sheltered cornier.

Now is the approaching time of harvest. The flowers have done their work, by drawing the bees to collect the nectar for the honey. The red berries on the Mountain Ash (or Rowan) whichever you prefer.

Rose Hips and Hawthorn Berries, providing food for winter for the birds and squirrels. Blackberries are now ripening. I was tempted to pick a few, sweet and juicy, with just a hint of sharpness, straight from the bush, warm from the sun. The Elderberries are also ripening ready for making jam, cordial or wine.


The thistle also produces it's harvest of Thistledown not as welcome now as it used to be. The seed heads would be collected to be used for a soft stuffing, before the days of cotton wool.

I am going to pick more Blackberries -


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