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  • Cathryn Elsey

Almost a Bridal Walk


The first flower which I saw on the Greenway this afternoon was Ragwort. Before the days of antibiotics, it was gathered in flower and dried (head downward) to be used as a poultice to draw out any poison which had got into any wound. Ragwort now supplies most of the bright yellow now the dandelions have finished for this year (I only saw one today).

Rosebay Willow Herb

The next flower I saw was Rosebay Willow Herb, which was renamed in London as fireweed. It grew so quickly and covered the ruins in London and other cities after the Blitz.

Herb Robert

Another pink flower which I have tentatively identified as Herb Robert (I could be wrong about that) or of course there are still some pink clover (I was not lucky enough to find a four leafed clover today).

The berries are beginning to show on the brambles but are a long way off being ripe enough to gather.

Meadow Sweet

There was quite a lot of Meadow Sweet today. The Hedge Parsley has grown to a great height and the Oxeye Daisies are also past their best.


I was surprised and pleased to see a stand of Honeysuckle.

There were purple thistles and much kinder knotweed with the same purple flowers but no thorns on them.

Four or five Buddlia bushes have burst into flower.

Another bright yellow flower is Ladies Bedstraw.

Ladies Bedstraw

But the highlight for me today was the sight of Greater Convolulus, a climbing plant, which climbs up walls, fences and trees.

Today it had spread itself a garlands of its large white bell shaped flowers along both sides of the track on the hedges.

It was like a Bridal Walk.

Greater Convolulus

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