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  • Cathryn Elsey

Back on the Greenway on the 13th of June


Fortunately, most of the Dandelions have gone. In their place to keep up the golden border we have the Yellow Hawkweed, with one or two orange Hawkweed. They are of the same family as the dandelions but the heads are not the same diameter nor quite as thick.

Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife is now in flower along with both pink and white clover, so far this year I have not seen a fourleaved clover although I have picked one or two in other years and one fiveleafed clover.


There is still a small patch of speedwell. The Campion is now blooming a small white flower about 9 inches tall.

A bush of White Wild Roses next to a bush of Pink Wild Roses, sometimes known as Dog Roses.

Plenty of blossom on the Bramble Bushes which give a promise of Blackberries for Jam or with apples for pies.

Bramble Bush

Ox eye daisies

Ox eye daisies are growing well but I have not seen many of the small ones this year.

Thistles are now in flower with their purple flowers and don’t forget they are prickly.

Gorse and Broom are still in flower and we also have Valerian, I did see one tall blue Lupin probably a reject from someone’s garden.

Yarrow is much more prevalent this month, and Tufted Vetch. We also have Yellow Toad Flex and the purple flowers of the Dead Nettle. I have seen two different varieties of Plantain today.

Pineapple Weed

I have been disappointed this year so far not having seen any Pineapple Weed. I am afraid the grass has taken over the type of ground in which the Pineapple Weed flourishes. There is plenty of it growing in the edges of some of the pavements around town.

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