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  • Cathryn Elsey

Back on the Greenway again

Cleckheaton Greenway

Pink Clover

Still plenty of dandelions with seed-heads known as dandelion clocks blowing all over the place. No argument the dandelion is very generous with her seeds.

The buttercups become more plentiful at this time of year. I did not see any daisies today, but the pink clover is now showing in sheltered spots. There are several bushes of Gorse and Broom, one large bush of White Wild Rose. May blossom is heavy on the hawthorn bushes, showing a promise of berries for the birds in winter.

Elder blossom

Also plenty of Elder blossom which can be made into a soft drink cordial or wine. If you prefer to wait for the berries these also can be made into jam mixed with rhubarb or apples etc.

Nettles are also thriving along with their common remedy for nettle sting, which is the Broadleaf Dock - the flowers on which are now beginning to show.

Nettles can be made into nettle broth which is full of vitamin C as also in nettle beer, I have never tried either of them.

Hedge Parsley and Cow Parsley are both now growing tall on both side of the path.

Only a few of the blue bells are left. The lilac flower of the Common Vetch has come to replace them. One bright yellow group caught my eye, on closer inspection I found it to be a Milk Thistle which is without prickles. Ribwork is not a very glamorous to look at but is very plentiful along the right hand side of the track from Tesco's car park.


Unfortunately there is quite a lot of Goosegrass which with a ting white flower is delicate to look at. This plant is very invasive, it is sometimes called strangle-weed which it does strangle everything it touches and it spreads rapidly.

When walking along the Greenway always walk on the right hand side of the track, to meet any oncoming cyclists, who should keep to the left.

There are many species of birds to see and listen to: sparrows, robins, thrushes, blackbirds, pigeons, magpies and starlings.

Today I saw three squirrels.

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