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  • Cathryn Elsey

Cleckheaton Greenway Flowers

We used to have two railways though Cleckheaton, one each side of the valley. Both were closed by Dr. Beeching as no longer viable. The one I know best is the one on Tesco's side of the alley.

After the closure of the line, the tracks and almost all railway signs including the station (but that is someone else's story) were removed leaving a traffic free place to enjoy a pleasant walk. The Greenway is shared by pedestrians, horse riders, dog walkers and cyclists. It is safer to walk on the right hand side of the track, therefore facing oncoming traffic on your side.

Cleckheaton Greenway

The track was adopted as part of Route 66 a recognised part of the cycling organisation of Great Britain.

I use it for walking my cycling days are long past.

As children my sister and I were taken on a family walk almost every weekend.

We were taught the names of the flowers as we walked along, we could pick a few flowers on the understanding if we picked them we carried them home. We were also lifted up to see into bird's nests. Sometimes there were eggs in them of different colours and sizes.


When I read the item in the notice sheet about the sharing interest etc. I decided to off a few lines about our Greenway Flowers.

On Tuesday morning April 14th I took a walk along the Greenway to name and count and name the different wild flowers. Some will still be there through the season through but others do not suit the summer weather.


I walked from Tesco's car park to the tunnel, in the course of the walk I saw Dandelions, both sides of the track were bordered by a ribbon of gold to brighten the way, a sight to lift up the spirit (yes I know they are a nuisance in the garden). There were a few Buttercups then the bright blue of Germander Speedwell, a few Daisies, and some late Coltsfoot this plant flowers very early in the year. I also saw Bluebells and Yarrow. There were several trees in bloom. The Gorse was also in flower which should delight most of us. There is a country saying "When Gorse in flower kissing is in season".

Germander Speedwell

I hope to be able to repeat this walk about once a month, to take note of the change in flowers through the season.


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