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  • Judith Santry

Lent Thoughts

We think of Lent as a time of waiting,

when we tread water, biding our time for the main event.

We remember Jesus, increasingly threatened

by those who consider him a traitor.

He knows what lies ahead,

and yet is strong and resolute in the plan to save us.

How easy it is for us, in Lent, to focus on what we don’t have,

on what we may decide to give up.

We may dwell on what isn’t there,

few leaves on the trees,

limited flowers,

fewer hours of daylight.


Help us Lord to count your blessings,

to remember that through the bare trees we can see the stars!

Glimpses of your light are all around,

in the kindness of friends, in walking alongside,

in sharing, in listening, in laughter.

We may wish for a bigger pool of light,

a view of what lies around the corner.

Yet we hold onto your promise

that in the darkness you walk with us,

and that nothing can put out your light.

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