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Holy Week

Please join us this year as we reflect on our faith and share it with others:

Monday the 10th of April

7.30 pm Evening Meditation. The Quaker Meeting House, Scholes, BD19 6LY.

Tuesday the 11th of April

7.30 pm Passover Service with symbolic Seder meal. Cleckheaton Methodist Church, BD19 5AR.

Wednesday 12th of April

7.30 pm Stations of the Cross. St Paul's Catholic Church, BD19 5BT.

Maundy Thursday, the 13th of April

7.30 pm Holy Communion with washing of feet, preacher Rev Roger Smith. Whitechapel Church, BD19 6HR.

Good Friday, the 14th of April

Churches Together Walk of Witness. Gather from 11.15 am at St Paul's Catholic Church.

2 pm Good Friday Reflection with Rev B James. St John's Church, BD19 3RN.

7.30 pm Stations of the Cross with Fr Nicholas Hird, St Paul's Church.

7.30 pm Evening Service with Good Friday Hymns, preacher Rev Roger Smith. St Luke's Church, BD19 6AB.

Easter Eve, the 15th of April

Open Church for prayers and children's activities, 9.30 am - 5.30 pm at St John's.

Easter Sunday, the 16th of April

Dawn Prayers & breakfast, 6.30 am at St John's.

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